Flappy in The Pipe™

Flappy in The Pipe™

Flappy in The Pipe™

When flappy bird has fusions with stay in line game. The journey in the new chapter for the bird is begin! Stay in the pipe, little bird!

Flappy in The Pipe is the smoothest stay in line game in App Store. Enjoy!

1. Touch on “Touch & drag to move.” to start playing.
2. Drag your finger to the left or right to move. Keep your finger on the screen.
3. The dot (your player) will move with your finger as you drag it on the screen.
4. Keep the dot (your player) inside of the black line or you lose.

- Challenge your friends with your highest score.
- Supported leaderboard, see who are no. 1 right now.

- Share your highest score to friends on Facebook and Twitter

Have Fun!

More information: http://popcorney.com/?page_id=492

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