The best way to hide and secure your secret photos and videos on iPhone

The best way to hide and secure your secret photos and videos on iPhone

Everyone has secret to hide and so do you. Lock iPhone or iPad with master passcode it doesn’t mean you can protect your secret photos, private video or even your notes at all. Because you will asked for passcode from someone like girlfriend, parent or even someone who can figure out your easy passcode. Today we’ve a good tip to help you hide, protect and secure your secret in a safe place behind real calculator with Calculator Lock™.

Calculator Lock Free

Calculator Lock™ is the best way to hide your secret behind real calculator which can use like normal calculator! Calculator Lock™ will make your life easier and have peace of mind. No need to lock your iPhone anymore!

With Calculator Lock™, easily manage and secure your photos, videos, notes, passwords, contacts, to-dos, locations, audios, sending secret message and come with private browser.

Calculator Lock™ were design to be easy to use and come with icon look like just normal calculator app on your iPhone, which is a good design and very discreet.

Here are some benefits you will get
- Discreet icon looks like a normal calculator.
- Discreet lock type with real calculator lock
- Hide all private data in one app.
- Decoy mode, reverse your passcode to enter second place that nothing in there.
- Personalize photo/video album with colors.
- Maximum protection for your secrets.
- Keep media and information safely.
- Build-in photo viewer, media player and browser.
- Universal app and support the latest iOS 7
- and Many more features!

- An ordinary icon. Looks like a normal calculator.
- Lock system including
- Calculator Lock
- Pattern Lock/Dot Lock
- Passcode Lock
- Password Lock
- Decoy mode. No your secret in there.
- Intruder detection capture with photo and video.
- Intruder report.
- Self-destruction.
- Double Lock system
- Panic gesture for fast leaving from the app.
- Backup passcode to email

To see more features please check out on App Store. The link are below.

We recommend you to try out! … What are you waiting for? It’s free to download!
App Store Link:

DON’T MISS OUT. Full version is now only 0.99 at launch promotion.
App Store Link:

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